Canadian Jeweller Buyer's Choice Award Winner

Carole Baldock
I started my career as a cosmetic consultant and then moved into management in the cosmetic industry. I decided after a number of years that it was time to change direction and started teaching business and marketing courses for a private college and then moved into teaching computers; I taught and did consulting for 16 years. During this time I acquired a Business & Marketing Diploma, British Columbia Instructors Diploma and Microsoft User Specialist Instructor Certification.

In 1996 I met Michael Dean and started another new path by helping him with his business. During this time I was introduced to pearls and was fascinated by the gem. I started my jewellery career stringing pearls and it is still one of my favourite gems to design with.

In 2005 Michael Dean and I open Michael Dean Jewellery Gallery on Granville Island. I manage the company and design my jewellery.

The Abstract Line was introduced in 2008 with Michael Dean’s encouragement the line is made from sterling silver shapes and chain with what I hope lets the wearer express their individuality. Each piece is unique with moveable components for dimension and personality.

My one of a kind designs are featured here in our gallery. Please come by and take a look.

Carole Baldock and Michael Dean

Necklace and Earrings

elegance of Michael Dean