Canadian Jeweller Buyer's Choice Award Winner

I was living in Edmonton and had a good friend who was working in the jewellery trade and I thought it sounded interesting. His company let me tour the studio and it was fascinating. So when they put out a call for an apprentice in 1976 I applied and got the job. Working there was not the best experience, but I got the bug.

I met a jeweller from Vancouver who gave me a list of local contacts; I packed up my car and moved to the coast. I spent the next several years in production work doing finishing, polishing and setting stones.

I then acquired a job with a diamond setter and thought this is fascinating. The gemstones are the icing on the cake. I was hooked. So I spent the next 10 years setting, practicing and doing as much as I could to fine tune my skills. Diamond setters are always in demand so I set myself up in a downtown office and began establishing my reputation as a jeweller and a diamond setter.

One night, a friend brought Carole to visit my studio and we have been together now for 14 years. Carole is knowledgeable about business and encouraged me to set up a studio on Granville Island.

Granville Island is a unique place, we opened Michael Dean Jewellery in 2005. If I had opened my studio anywhere else I would have been just a jeweller but here I am recognized as being an artist. In my gallery I design from the sketch stage, working with input from the client, to fabrication, and the final steps of setting the gemstones and finishing. I pride myself on attention to detail and quality for all of my jewellery creations. Canadian Diamonds are featured in many of the designs because of their exceptional cut and quality.

The Gallery also features Canadian Jewellery Designers from across the country. We have a wonderful selection of creations that you will not see anywhere else. The designs range from the contemporary to the very classic with a wide price range. For more information on our artists go to our Artists Page.

In August of 2000 I was awarded a CANADIAN JEWELLER’S BUYER’S CHOICE AWARD.

Michael Dean’s Designs have been featured in:

  • Trendz Magazine
  • Canadian Jeweller Magazine
  • Perfect Wedding Magazine
  • Jewellery Business Magazine
  • 500 Wedding Rings - Lark Books

Michael Dean working on a ring

Michael Dean working on a mold

Michael Dean Jewellery storefront

Carole and Michael

the Solitaire ring

Platinum, Gold or White Gold?

Platinum is the most expensive of the metals used in jewellery design. Platinum is a more valued metal because of its purity of 90 to 95 percent. Most people who have metal allergies are able to wear platinum because of the small amount of alloy. Platinum has a natural rich silver colour and is very durable. The biggest advantage of platinum is that it has no memory; it can be molded, sculpted and manipulated without the worry of breaking, making platinum the best suited metal to hold diamonds and gemstones. The more complex the design of a jewellery piece, the more suited it is for platinum. The public has embraced platinum in the last few years and its popularity has steadily grown. From a jeweller’s point of view, platinum will always be the preferred metal, especially in bridal sets, but fashion and preference will always be the driving force for jewellery clients.